I am a brazilian engineer, named Eduardo Buscariolli, who really enjoy photography. Obviously I had no formal education in photography or arts. However since I got my first camera, I expend at least one hour every day – sometimes more –  studying, writing, talking about or just enjoying other people photos.

With my photos I am trying to express something without using words. It could be the beauty that surround us, the daily life or the love to other people.

The photo above is part of project called “Note on Paradises”, which was conceived three years ago when I was flying back home, watching the landscape below with Massive Attack pumping in the headphones. I have spent another year trying to convert the concept into photos, when I came to conclusion that the sky could

represent this concept. It is not a finished work, it keeps running and developing itself.

Note on Paradise:

My others pages: Where Maps Are Useless , Flickr 1 , Flickr 2


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